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Google ChromeBook Pixel Review

  Google ChromeBook Pixel Review

Slick—Style, Decent Hardware, and Beautiful Screen is what makes the ChromeBook Pixel a contender in consumer electronics.

The time I spent with the ChromeBook Pixel has allowed me to discover new things in the simple Chrome OS that the Pixel uses for daily operation. And people coming up to me at my local Starbucks saying, “What a cool Laptop you have here”. Google has taken a very simplistic design approach to making the Pixel. The design style of the Pixel is very appealing to the eye

The Pixel’s: Build and Size
The ChromeBook Pixel brings a full smooth aluminium outer body that makes the pixel appear very slick. Once the screen is lifted you are then presented with a sturdy light sensing backlit keyboard, and black matte multi touch trackpad. Along the left side of the Pixel you have your standard USB ports, 3.5mm Headphone jack and charger port. Then to the right side of the pixel you have a SD card reader, if you have the 64GB 4G LTE model a sim card slot is also to the ride of the device.

The Pixel’s: Screen
Google went all out to provide the consumer with a gorgeous screen in the ChromeBook Pixel. Which is a 2560x1700 12.85 inch touchscreen gorilla glass display. Making the screen display on the Pixel far better than any Retina Display MacBook to date.

The Pixel’s: Software
  The Pixel comes with Google’s Chrome OS. The Chrome OS came to somewhat of a surprise to me. I really do enjoy the responsiveness, and ability to use all my apps I use currently on my other Windows laptops. My only gripe with ChromeOS is the fact that you can't download regularly .EXE files.

The Pixel’s: Final Thoughts
I really do enjoy the Chromebook Pixel it has offered a new refreshing to the electronic consumers. Although the Pixel still has a niche appeal to it and I find it quite hard to recommend it to other people.
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  1. The camera shots of the pixel are very nice