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Why You should get Diablo 3 On Console

Ported by Blizzard themselves it was pretty hard for my to tell any of the differences from the PC version.

Diablo 3 on the PS3 is a very well done port of the PC iteration. And if you have not played any of the PC versions then the PS3 iteration of Diablo 3 is a great way to get  into the series and enjoy the fun to be had.

Graphically Diablo 3 looked great on the PS3 most areas were not even scaled done horribly so don't worry for any trouble in that department. Button mapping is done comfortably you can assign abilities to the four—face buttons. Story wise it is the same as it's ever been. You defeat some bosses then defeat Diablo—Nuff said.

Now I am no Diablo pro, but a lot of the veterans from the PC were their, and once you beat the game jump the fun to allow the real fun to begin. As soon as I jumped into multiplayer I found myself a Diablo buddy who showed me all the ropes . My Diablo buddy took me to all the great farming spots, how to equip and not equip my characters to all the secrets to discover in this title.

I final came to a conclusion that I've been playing Diablo wrong all this time. Playing Diablo is more than just beating the game once. You will defeat numerous times, and each time you will find something new. You will have many different experiences so now that it's not just on PC anymore everyone should buy it and give it a try.
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  1. Yea I found me a Diablo Veteran after awhile showed me all the ropes.

  2. Can't wait for the PS4 version to come out

    1. Yes Hopefully sometime soon