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What Is A Big Game Coming This Month

2014 started very dry for new titles to hit consoles, and PC. January had a re-release of Tomb Raider for PS4 and Xbox One which was to me basically it. February has rolled in and has brought a very anticipated title for myself.
Thief releasing on  Feb 25, 2014 being available to play on PC, PlayStation 3 system, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One. Thief is a reboot that is totally redesigned. You are put back in the adventures of Garrett the Master Thief.
Some of you may recall the stealth series. The reboot takes on a more open world approach. You will be scaling building, and hiding in alleyways in the depth of the night hiding from guards you alerted just to get them away from a particular door you can only access. While that is one tactic you can use to get your objective. You as a master Thief will have a bag full of gadgets that will help you obtain your master prize.
I really cant wait to see this title again and you all can mark down your calendar for my review.
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