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An Audiophile's Pick Up: SteelSeries Siberia Elites Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries has brought another great product to the gaming industry with the Siberia Elites Gaming Headsets. The Siberia Elites provide optimal sound and build quality that allows for many hours of gaming, video editing, and just listening to music.

I have used the Siberia Elites for a some time now and they have proven to bring the overall great audio and build performance as their were advertised. I have played just over 50+ hours of Counter Strike: Global Offensive with the Elites and I was able to hear every foot step coming from the opposing team. In competitive gameplay such as CS:GO you need to hear everything around you as well as you need to see to. The Elites provided great feedback I was able to determine if the enemy player was to my right in the next room or sneaking up the vents in the map Nuke.

Audio performance outside of gaming is great as well while listing new music and watching movies there was never any audio leak coming from the headphones. The Elites offer noise canceling to the outside world so I expect to not experience anything other than what I am listing to.

The Siberia Elites is equipped with a noise cancelling mic, color shift technology as SteelSeries calls it, and SteelSeries Engine 3 which is the hub for you to optimize how the Elites pick on the sound the game is displaying. So when you are playing your favorite RPG or whatever game you can have the sound to your liking with the custom equalizer technology SteelSeries Engine 3 provides.

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