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Android L: What’s Really New For Right Now?

At this years Google IO event the masses were presented with a new software update for your Android device. The new software update was dubbed Android L and offered a new design layout to the Android KitKat software we became accustomed to. The new design layout Now the biggest design change in Android L has brought to the Android design layout with newly designed on screen face buttons.
The new on screen face buttons are one of the first notable big changes you will see in this new software redesign the on screen face buttons resemble that of the PlayStation’s Face buttons. Note that many things are still to be added to the new software design as this is not available to the public as a final build. I am writing this off of what I used on my Nexus 5 with the Developer Preview of Android L.

All the Eye Catching Colors
The best change that is in the new Android L update is the “Materiel”this aesthetic is redefine how the android interface will be used across the board from your Android Wear smart-watch, Android tablet, and Google TV. Google has been crafting and tweaking this new user design interface to make every single detail to go hand-to-hand with each other. Certain color palettes have been choice to allow for more lively end user experiences when dealing with different apps.

Similar Design Across All Devices
Iconography has been redesign to allow for a more symmetrical look in apps when positioned in a folder or where ever you may have it laying around. Also added is now when you go to select the app of your choice instead of a sunken down animation to the app it will raise up.

Like a Pop Up Book
We will also see a lot of new and transitions animations in apps that we user daily such as Gmail, Google Play, and everything else in between. As Google brings updates to the developer edition of Android L I will bring you guys the best notable changes that appears. If you are willing to check out Android L right now you can click on this link here.
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New Layout

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