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Short Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: "Good but not Great"

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest device into Samsung's Galaxy device line up, and I was able to get my hands on one to give you all my opinion on if the S5 is living up to its expectations that the Galaxy franchise has built.

While playing games such as Dead On Arrival 2, and The Walking Dead Season 1 game play ran flawlessly at full frames at full details. While bench marking in the Unreal Engine Epic Citadel the Samsung Galaxy S5 handle all of the moving rivers and the whole atmosphere at a smooth 59.6 frames. Making this device a serious contender in the mobile graphics arena.

After spending a great amount of time with the Samsung Galaxy S5 I can say its a okay device. Offering nothing that makes me want to say "Oh, that's amazing", but rather an "Oh, that's different". Which was what I said to all the gimmicky features on the device. Although overall the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a very well designed device with a premium feel and look with a high-end processor inside to make it worth while.

If your looking to upgrade from an older Galaxy S device such as the II or III then upgrade to the S5. While S4 user how have not picked up the S5 should hold off since hard rumors have been going around with the Samsung Galaxy S6 launching early this year.
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