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Dive into Dirty Bomb with special deal on Steam!

Dirty Bomb, the awesome new hardcore, class-based shooter from Nexon US and Splash Damage  (creators of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Brink, Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer)The Dirty Bomb Ultimate Starter Pack is part of the Steam Summer Sale: http://store.steampowered.com/app/376380/

The Ultimate Starter Pack includes:
  • Five Full Time Mercs - Permanently unlock Proxy, Vassili, Sawbonez, Arty and Fragger. 
  • Proxy – Fast, agile close-quarters warrior equipped with close range weaponry and proximity mines. 
  • Vassili – Long-range sniper capable of taking out enemies from a distance. Heartbeat sensor highlights enemies, even through walls. 
  • Sawbonez – Medic equipped with SMG perfect for CQB. Can revive and heal teammates. 
  • Arty – Support specialist capable of calling in artillery salvos. Can throw ammo packs to keep teammates loaded. 
  • Fragger – Aggressive point man with a big gun, lots of ammo, and devastating Frag grenades.

  • 50,000 in-game Credits – Get a head start on unlocking Loadout Cards to customize your new Mercs, or keep your credits in the bank for when the next new Merc becomes available. 

  • Two Elite Loadout Cases – Get your hands on some Silver, Gold, or Cobalt Loadout Cards for your squad.
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