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My Top Games Of 2013

Hello all I am presenting you folk with what I believe are the great games of 2013.
Grand Theft Auto 5
GTA 5 really did define to me what the current generation of consoles can do. With the level of immersive experiences I had while following the story of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. This title will be on my PS3's HDD for many years to come.

Garry's Mod (Trouble In Terrorist Town)
This game mode or whatever you want to call it has been my second most played PC title. I have spent many lunch hours  playing TTT the first half of 2013. While I don't play as much now I will forever remember the memories of screaming "I'm an Innocent".

For those who don't know what Smite is. It is an third person MOBA that is totally epic in my mind. This is my most played PC title in my library. While still in open beta release is expected to be sometime soon. Smite has a super strong community that is forever growing.

KillZone Mercenary

This title showed everyone who played it the FPS's on the Vita Can work. I have sunk many hours in multiplayer matches since the release, and I except mNy more in the future.

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