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Stylistic Yet Simple Clyde St Messenger Review

The Clyde St Messenger from AcmeMade San Francisco is a well designed messenger bag. Which has a very sleek-- and stylish look. Perfect for any businessman and student who cares light-weight. While getting my morning coffee and bagel from Starbucks I frequently get compliments on The Clyde St Messenger. It catches the eye of the many people in my work place to school.

Clyde St Messenger: Build

The Clyde St Messenger is a very well made bag. Allowing me to comfortably carry my Chromebook Pixel, Macbook Pro 15-inch, a couple of files, my iPad, and lastly my PS Vita. All those items fit in the bag perfectly with some extra room to fit cables and a bag of Lay’s Original Chips. Making it a quality bag all around. From the cotton inside padding to the outside pockets.

Clyde St Messenger: Final Thoughts

I found the Union Brief to be an excellent messenger bag. Packing all the light weight technology I use on a daily basis from home, work, and school. I recommend this bag to anyone in the market of getting a new bag for multi-purpose.

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  1. I have been looking for a review on this bag for a while now. Thanks for your insight.