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Nokia Lumia Icon Review- A different Change Of Scenery

The Nokia Lumia Icon has a very simple design style, and when I say simple I mean very simple thats its boring.  Equipped with a AMOLED 5.0 inch screen I would think the device would look great as I streamed services such as YouTube, Netflix, and other media apps. Well since the app store for the device is so baron from apps the only good media app I was to find was Netflix. While social like Snap chat, and Kik were nowhere to be found.

The Nokia Lumia Icon is an okay device to me being that I can make phone calls, text, and email throughout the day with this phone it gets the job done. With that being said me coming to this device being more familiar to the Android and IOS Operating Systems. Had me totally thrown off my mark for how I see a smartphone should operate.

After using the device for about a month of use as my proprietary phone. I was able to do about half the things I would do on my Android, or iPhone. As the time went on with me using the device I had to constantly find supplements to using certain ways of communication such as Google Hangouts. Which is a service I use daily for contact with many friends and family. As a final yes or no to buying this device it is definitely a no unless you are completely through with using a iPhone or Android devices. Although there is work a rounds to using certain apps and features its better to have them already functioning properly so a user coming from a different ecosystem can adjust easier.
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  1. I feel the same way about the Windows OS its app store has nothing to offer.