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A New Approach Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Review

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z brings back the Dragon Ball Z story we love but with an entirely new way to play.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z’s GamePlay:

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z has a completely redesigned fighting mechanic. Instead of all the super combo’s we could have done in the past DBZ titles. You are left with a single button that gives you a single chain of attacks. Then you have two other buttons that allows for your characters power blast attacks, and once you charge up your power level you will then be prompt to do your character signature move.
Another new change to the gameplay is that there's now a four-on-four set-up when you begin to fight. When running through the story mode you have the option to pick up to four of the 60+ character’s you may have unlocked, and have them go into the story mission with you. But the characters you choose must have been in the story saga you are playing. The AI controlled teammates really that effective in combat either. They are good for keeping the lesser enemies busy while you handle the more powerful one.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z’s Visuals:

Visually this title is great. The art style chosen is cel shaded which really goes hand and hand with the style of play in the Dragon Ball title. Bright and vibrate colors show all over my TV screen as I used ki blasted and Gokus’ signature move.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z’s Other Features:

Other features Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Z’s include a four- on four multiplayer. Which in a nutshell is very repetitive and boring at times. Everyone is just spamming that single combo button and shooting ki blasts every where. One feature I did like is a portion of the game that incorporates playing cards of sorts. The cards are used to boost the characters you play as power level so the may stand a chance in future story arcs. Plus there are a few hidden funnies in the cards if you know the DBZ story from start to end.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z’s Final Verdict:
If you have been waiting for a new DBZ game then you should pick it up. Although there is a big change from the past titles.
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