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Purify The Soul Toukiden: Age Of Demons PS Vita Review

Toukiden: The Age Of Demons is a great title to pick up if you have been looking forward to something new to play on you Vita.

Toukiden: Age Of Demon is in a nutshell is a monster hunting game. Most of the time you will be tackling big beasts also known as Oni . Then after you beat the monster you will use its various body parts to create new weapons and armour back at the villages blacksmith. And you will do this throughout the remainder of the game. Now this is not a bad thing but it is not a good thing either its really just okay.

Toukiden’s  gameplay is really cut’n’dry. You will pick up a mission which tells you to kill this “X” amount of enemies of this specific type of enemy or within this specific type of frame is really it. Other than that the real enjoyment comes from the monster hunting experience.

A good thing within the first 30-45 minutes of Toukiden you will be faced with fighting you first big Oni. Which brings back some of the fun from fighting Imps.  As chapter two and four rolls in you will face three different types of Oni that you will fight until chapter 4 comes in.

Visually Toukiden does not stun, but it does not fault either. I do love the art style of the giant Oni such as the Harrowhalf, and Windshredder.

So Tokiden: Age Of Demons is a fun game if you are into the monster hunting type games, and is easy enough for anyone to jump in to get into that type of gameplay formula which makes it a buy if your a owner of a PS Vita.
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