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The Banner Saga PC Review

Developer Stoic Studio has made a truly enjoyable title. The Banner Saga is a PC title on Steam that has a very captivating story that has really made me care on how I make my decisions in party dealing with my party and group in total. The Banner Saga is a nordic-viking Oregon Trail that brings a truly stuunig story

The Banner Saga in a nutshell is The Oregon Trail, but as the story deepens it opens up to be much more. You will roam the lands stopping to village to village with your caravan growing in size. While playing The Banner Saga you will be able to slowly piece together the story. Graphically The Banner Saga is something that brings me back to my earliest childhood memories with the graphics resembling  an Disney such as “Snow White".

Gameplay of The Banner Saga is very meaningful which as a collective means every choices counts. Making the gameplay as serious as XCOM: Enemy Unknown. You will part take in hardcore turn based strategy. Making every move a fun, but yet punishing calculation. You will go through the process of manage your caravans moral and food storage. 

Training your warriors to learn new skills and gain extra attributes. You will quickly see change in the battles on how hard you train you warriors, and how you chose you battle line- up. Keeping archers in the back to pick enemies from a far. Pairing your spearman with a shield master will greatly increase the defense, and offense when tackling enemies. Making the critical battle decisions is a must in The Banner Saga.

With a fine wrap up to The Banner Saga I recommend this title to be a great pick up. Being $24.99 it is well worth a pick up.
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