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Gucamelee PS Vita Review

For those of you looking to pick up something hot and new on the PSN that brings engaging, humorous, and  fun tale . Well you should be looking to pick up Guacamelee.  Guacamelee is a exclusive cross buy title with the PS3 and PS Vita. Guacamelee is another one of Drink Box Studios great hits.

Guacamelee is side scrolling, open world action title. Think of the gameplay of the more traditionally Castlevania games, but by far it sticks out with its own unique art style and game mechanics. Although Guacamelee is not long it proved to have me play a while looking for all the collectables, and trophies.( Yea theirs Trophies) With all that aside lets get into the story, and see how all the artistic environments add to the story.

Guacamelee star is a famer named Juan how is called by the local priest for some help in town. Then right off the back his is murder by your evil antagonist Carlos Calaca after trying to save his child- hood friend El Presidente’s daughter. Great beginning right don’t worry Juan is then sent to the Underworld, and then is given a Luchadors mask that will reincarnate him into a super-powered hero wrestler. Sounds cool right Guacamelee takes no time getting you to the action, which is something I appreciate.
After his reincarnation he quickly heads back to town, and meets back up with the priest who is glad to see him revived, and tells him he has to go save El President’s Daughter  while destroy Carlos Calaca group of villains. While playing Guacamelee I noticed that they gave you your ablates at a decent rate as you will need all of them closing the end of the game to get all of the collectibles’, and to get through all obstacles’ to progress through the story.

While playing through Guacamelee you’ll encounter a recurring NPC who gives you all you powers throughout the game. Every time I got my new ability I was always awaiting on what he say next. By going about getting your ability you will see these goat sstute that you will break then this funny goat man NPC appears. At first he appears to be upset about you breaking his entire collection of statues for you benefit, and he gets nothing in return. Then he starts to ask about your mom, how he wants to take her out. Then this leads to me telling you guys my only gripe about Guacamelee there is no voice acting everything is text based. It does somewhat take away from the experience in the story. But Guacamelee makes up for this with its art style of making the Mexican style look very ambient, and how you use each and every ability that you use to get through puzzles and obstacles’. ( Did I mention you can Turn into a Chicken.)

Another thing Guacamelee does is that it throws RPG style elements in to the mix whether you are level up you stamina for your special ablates or you are buying a pill driver move for your grapple. Throughout Guacamelee you will face a number of changeling bosses- but the one that sticks out the most is Javier Jaguar who is just as strong as the boss, as he is the last mock bass before you get to Carlos Calaca. As you play though Guacamelee you feel as you need to explore, and do every single side quest.  Without DrinkBox making an environment that you feel you need to explore for the heck of it I would never found the arena to practice your skills or I would never be going through my second play through on Hard Mode for the platinum trophy.
I would say that Guacamelee is a must buy, and it packs a lot for just $15 bucks. Final closing Drink Box Studios did it again with their passionate group of developers.
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