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Jak and Dexter Collection Review PS Vita

Jak & Daxter Collection is a must buy if you are want to relive the good old days of 2001-2004 on the PS2. When you would be just sitting on the couch with friends or family, and then by yourself all night with this action plat former losing most hours of sleep. Well now you cannot just simply sit on the couch all day because you have you own million dollar companies to run. You can do it on the go with you PS Vita while you are on the plane traveling across the world. Now if this is not your life still are able to relive the greatness of  Jak & Daxter 1,2, and 3 on the go anywhere, and I am going to tell you how good it truly is.

Ok many of us have already seen the gameplay style, and mechanics of all three Jak games. What you guys really want to hear is how the controls syncs into the Vita touch screen, and how other features play on to the regular controls. Ok now to sum the controls up do not need to prepare yourself to see some whole new control scheme it is really cut and dry. As soon as I started my play through of Jak 3 since I have yet to finish on the PS3 version I used the cloud save capability to transfer the save to Vita. There was no noticeable difference between the PS3, and Vita other than everything looks great on a Vita’s screen.

I felt one thing foreign to me in my play through, and that was how the hover board and dark echo Jak is mapped to the back touch panel. This was a dumb decision frankly to put both of these function on the panel, but is one I perceived trough. I was always finding myself using the hover board win I need to be dark Jak, and always being turned into dark Jak when I needed to use the hover board which in return caused some UN-noteworthy deaths. This was my only great gripe with the title, but is something many of you will face. The last gripe I have is lag while it is noticeable at first but you know it is there. I had times where I found myself restarted the Vita because the gameplay dropped to 2-3 frames.

All in All this is a good port to the Vita, I hope to see more ports come like Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper Saga. So if you have not finish all three Jak & Daxter games I recommend anyone to pick up the Vita version as it is simply pick up and play.

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