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PS Vita Holiday Buyers Guide

So you are looking for some things to pick up for yourself or someone in your life who owns a Vita. Well buy them two or three items listed in my buyers guide. Or are you in the market to get yourself a Vita. You can use this guide as well to aid your search in finding all you need for you new PS Vita.

So first off if you don't have a Vita by now you can pick one up at your local Walmart, and GameStop for around $199. If some of you were waiting for a price drop of the portable machine now you have it go get it.

This guide will just tell you what to have after you purchased the PS Vita. 

8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card- $17.71
Everyone should buy the 8GB stick so you can have just enough space for you downloadable titles and patches.

 Killzone Mercenary- $37.34
Killzone Mercenary is the first definitive FPS title on the PS Vita system. This title truly shows the beast power in this tiny machine. You can check out the review on the site as well.

PlayStation Plus $19.99 3-Month, $49.99 1 Year
While everyone who has a PS4 should own PS+ there are still a populous out there who has not subscribed. If you dont have PS + yet but own a PS3 you are missing out on all the exclusive deals, and free games a month. The big free game this month is Borderlands 2.

Persona 4:Golden $24.99

Last on the list but certainly not least. Persona 4 is a must have title for the PS Vita passing time during commutes, and console time I honsetly still play Persona 4 Golden to this day.  
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