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KillZone: Mercenary Review

KillZone Mercenary is the first well done FPS on the Sony PS Vita . Guerrilla Cranbrige did a wonderful job bringing what looks,feels, and is a console quality KillZone game on the go. Just to bring a fine FPS on the go period. KillZone Mercenary brings Killzone robust lore of the conflict between the Helghast, and ISA world, which allows the folk on the PS3 counter parts jump right, but is still simple enough for newcomers to join the franchise story for the upcoming PS4 title KillZone: ShadowFall.
KillZone Mercenary take you into the world of Arran Danner a Mercenary that is willing to fight for either side of the conflict as long as he gets his cut of the money. While we are on the topic of money. Money in Killzone Mercenary basically keeps the games world running. Since you are a Mercenary you do need to swap your weapons, armor, and other equipment at deposits called BlackJack Arms Dealer scattered throughout the map in the single player campaign. But it does not stop there. Single player earned cash also ties into the multiplayer side of things. Which really puts an emphasis on how money makes the world go round in this game.
Aside from all that money talk Killzone Mercenary also brings a whole lot more to the table, for the Vita FPS family. While the first two FPS failed to appeal the masses by the lack of comfortable button mapping, weak AI, and developer support. You will not see any of that mess here. To start button mapping is made very simple. There is no swipe the screen to throw an grenade instead you will need to switch to it as a in hand weapon, and carry on for there. Also being able to sprint is a simple as press O button. Press it again then you will do a slide to doge incoming gunfire. With that said everything fills tight, and well done.
Story in Killzone Mercenary keeps you in the main lore of the ISA, and Helghast war. While it may not have as much of a powerful impact as KillZone titles on PS3. If you played on the PS3 counterpart you will be right at home. I love how they throw in the classic deception that is put on the main character. Where close friends fought side by side with each other quickly you enemies, and then enemies turn to ally's. After all it is a dog eat dog world in Mercenary. Which lead me completing the story 3 times.
Once finish with the story you can earn more cash by doing the Contracts Mode. In Contracts each of the story levels are revamped with whole new objectives, and certain was to tackle that said level. Whether it be total stealth or just full on assault with certain weapons. This was a excellent way to add more replability to Mercenary with out the constant feeling of repetitive gameplay. Graphically you can compare Killzone Mercenary to Killzone 2 on PS3. While you can only compare the graphics to Uncharted Golden Abyss on Vita.
After a good run through of every component of Mercenary I feel that this title is a full defintive FPS on the go and every should pick it up.
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