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Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 Review

I think this title is great it made me revisit the original Sniper Elite games again, and to me is well worth the purchase. I felt as though as soon as I start to play I am going to enjoy myself, and to give you a heads up this review revolves around the multiplayer. Why, because the single player is multiplayer by yourself, it is all the same maps but the experience is just horrible to me by yourself. You will find out that this game is just made to be played with friends our random people around the world.

OK so if you played past Sniper Elite tiles you will feel right at home laying down trip mines and all.   Now each level you play on has at least 3 sieges were they throw wave after wave of zombies at you. I have no problem with that because the things you have in your inventory helps a lot. (ie. Mines, Trip Wire, etc)
Now some of you may think this will get repetitive, but it  doesn't Why, because of all the different outrageous zombies that is thrown at you. There are these LARGE Nazi zombies that carry light machine guns that take at least 9- head shots, and shoots to the body that dose nothing but tickles him. Then you have suicide zombies that have frags, and dynamite strapped to them. Who for one are faster than all the zombies’ runs straight towards you to blow away everything in the area of affect.  Although if you are fast enough you may be able to get a head-shot on one of them, and take a large chunk of the horde out of your way. That’s just the start of all the whacky zombies in the game. This allows this title to stand out from the rest once more.

The story of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombies 2 is not really something to follow, and at first glance you think you have to kill zombie Hitler, but you also have to get out of that hell hole of Berlin, Germany. Since Sniper Elite Nazi Zombies is really all about that Co-Op action it is best to play with friends.  I found that sometimes when playing with the random folk was not in best interest. From the occasional drop out to the guy who drifts off, and finally to that one guy who doesn’t know how to lay down mines & trip wires.
All & all Sniper V2 Elite Nazi Zombie is a buy if you have friends to play with as well. I had the best experience in this zombie expansion then most so go out and buy it.
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