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Soul Sacrifice Review

Today I am presenting you guys with my review of the newest PS Vita title Soul Sacrifice. To start off Soul Sacrifice is just the RPG everyone who has a Vita needs. While it is not enough for someone to go out, and buy a PS Vita. Just about everyone who has a PS Vita will be playing Soul Sacrifice. It is more than enough to keep the majority of the 5-million Vita owners busy for the next two months. Until the next heavy hitters will become available for the masses to pick up, and play. (i.e. Dragons Crown 4-6-13, Kill Zone Mercenary 9-17-13)
Soul Sacrifice is a game of style, and finesse I say this because it has such intensive game play mechanics that allows it to stand out with the up most of creativity and design. Soul Sacrifice takes you into a world of life or death situations.  The story begins with you as a simple prisoner who stumbles upon a book in his cell that allows you to relive the past of a great sorcerer.
As you read you seem to be able to produce the same skills, and attributes as the sorcerer in the story your are reading. As for your level progression you level up by either saving the souls of monsters to gain more HP, and Defense. Then you have the choice to sacrifice the souls to gain attack power. As you choice which path to level up on your right arm for which you cast spells will change as you gain power.  The  more you sacrifice souls to gain power your arm will get darker, and darker later as you which the max you body will have change to an dark being. But as you choice to save the souls you will become divine, basically becoming a holy divine being.
Lvl 99 Dark
Lvl 99 Divine
While the main story of Soul Sacrifice is good enough to keep you enthralled for the hours you will be playing. You will find you self grinding to get higher scores, and different spell rewards.  While I did not pay much attention to the story at first. I recently felt the urge to go back, and watch the entire story I skipped past. It appears the developers made an excellent choice on how to tell the story. With using the book you find outside of your cell. So it is an ease just pick through the table of contents, and reread the magic that happens
You will find you self not using the face buttons, but flipping through the pages with the touch screen as you pick and choice your characters’ different spell, armor, missions, and allies. While playing in single-player you are able to choice fellow sorcerers that you will find throughout your questing. The allies you choice to go out, and battle with will level up. Through something called Affinity levels the higher the level, with S being the highest. They will earn more powerful spells to battle with you. Most of your allies will come from you defeating the different arrangement of bosses’ since they were once human you can save them to join your group or sacrifice to grow stronger. Although you will stumble across some dying as you go into a different quest giving you the choice to save or sacrifice them. I found that they become most useful being sacrificed later into the quest when you’re fighting against a boss to finish it off more quickly.
Golem Summon
The environments that are displayed  in Soul Sacrifice is expansive, and beautiful for a vita title the graphics are that astounding it rivals Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I feel as though Sony should have had this title in development for the PS3 as well, and offer it as a cross-Buy title.While if you choice you can play Soul Sacrifice all by yourself if need be. Even without bring you fellow allies, but the online co-op is where you may find yourself with up to four friends ducking and casting spells just to stay alive against the horrible monsters you will face. The Co-op works just the same as the single player so everything will come native. You don’t have to worry about sharing loot, but deciding whether to save or sacrifice the monster will be a tough decision between you and your buds.
All in all Soul Sacrifice is a must by for the PS Vita. Whether you’re into the RPG scene or not it is easy for anyone to jump into, and have fun with friends. While it is a must buy for all Vita owners in my opinion just go out, and buy it yourself.
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