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PayDay 2 Review

PayDay 2 is one of the few great 4-player co-op you can enjoy with friends, and sometimes complete strangers you meet online.vDeveloped by OverKill published by 505 Games PayDay 2 is a great pick up for anyone to enjoy.

PayDay 2 really does take everything that was from the first title, and made huge improvements. That goes for the new skill builder tree that has been added that allows you to shape your character to being a jack of all trades. You can be proficient in stealth, and move being unseen by cameras but also be efficient in explosives which allows you to quickly blow safes and such for quick smash and grabs. Which gives you a bigger payday at the end of a contract.

Payday 2 also brings you a safe house under a laundromat that is your base of operations. Here you will be trying out you new weapons on targets. New skills that allow you to pick locks faster for doors, and safes. Then lastly all you money from the PayDay of a completed contract is stacked in a vault that is open for you to access as you please. 

Now some may disagree, but I say most people play PayDay 2 for the multiplayer which is were the  real fun comes into play. Playing with you friends or complete strangers require a little bit more skill and tactical planning. Since OverKill boosted the AI security, swat, and everyone in between all have tactics. Instead of just police funneling into the door way there are many entry points they have access to too successfully stop the robbery in progress. So before you put your mask on during bank/store heist you are given the opportunity to scope out the joint. So during this time you have the chance to look for cameras, security personal, and safes.

So if it was left to me you should pick up PayDay 2. It is well worth the couple of bucks and you will be having fun for a while with this title. PayDay 2 is available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC now. 
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